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2009-2012 (997.2) GT3 RS 4.0

Replacement Wheels
2009-2012 (997.2) GT3 RS 4.0

Do you have a damaged wheel? Need a replacement? We have access to all factory parts, and we offer them at wholesale pricing. If you need assistance with a wheel, please email us for assistance.

    Provide this information:
  • VIN Number - this will tell us what wheels your car came with from the factory. If the wheels were changed, then the VIN may not be helpful.
  • Send us a photo if possible, that way we can verify the style of wheel.
  • Inspect your wheels. On many wheels some of the wheel dimensions are stamped on the wheel. Some are stamped by the valve stem, some are stamped on the back side of the wheel. By providing as much information as possible, you can help us to find the correct wheel, and avoid any delays or mix-ups.

Use the contact us form above for more information.