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Top Porsche Performance Upgrades

Porsche Manthey Racing Upgrades Manthey Racing. From the track to the street- that’s the slogan behind the development of Manthey-Racing kits. Suncoast Porsche Parts is pleased to offer our GT customers the opportunity to enhance the performance of your Porsche with an exclusive Manthey-Racing kit. Manthey-Racing offers a range of kits designed to improve the performance of Porsche GT models. Our expert technicians have received exclusive training from Manthey-Racing to install all MR kits and components. GT4 RS Manthey Package Upgrade package for the new GT4 RS. Turn a drivers car into a precision instrument. Its potential: 7:03:121 minutes for a lap on the 20.8 kilometer Nurburring Nordschleife. New aerodynamic, chassis, and brake components optimize the car for track day use. Click Here 992 GT3 Touring Package Understatement in increasing form: The 911 GT3 Touring Manthey Kit shows what sophisticated aerodynamics can do even without large rear wings. All components were intensively tuned and tested on the driving dynamics test stand and in the high-performance wind tunnel of the Porsche Development Center in Weissach. Shop Now 992 GT3 Package Manthey Performance package offers comprehensive optimization of the racetrack characteristics of the 911 GT3 (type 992). Improvements were achieved with the use of new aerodynamic and chassis components, and modifications to the braking system. Optional lightweight wheels can reduce rotational mass. The ultimate track prep for a GT3! Shop Now 991.2 GT3 RS A collaboration between the Porsche Development Center in Weissach and Manthey-Racing GmbH. Thanks to a coordinated suspension, aerodynamic and brake components, the breathtaking performance of the 911 GT3 RS has been tuned even more precisely to the demands of track days and high speed driving. Shop Now More sound, more fun? Our list of our favorite exhaust upgrades & exhaust accessories. Porsche Sport Exhaust Chrome Exhaust Tips Black Exhaust Tips Soul Exhaust Systems Tubi Exhaust Systems More Power! The good stuff, improve how your car goes, turns, and stops. Sport Mode COBB Tuning Short Shift Kits Third Radiator Kits Options available for Boxster, Cayman, & Carrera models. Shop Now Lightweight Wheels Wheel upgrades for certain "GT" cars. Shop Now Suspension Upgrades Suspension upgrades from Manthey Racing and Porsche Tequipment. Shop Now Top Exterior Upgrades Our most popular exterior upgrades for your Porsche. Shop Now Ceramic Brake Conversions Performance upgrades and the best aftermarket brands. Shop Now IPD Performance Plennums Performance Air Filters Pollen Filters Girodisc Rotors PFC Brake Pads Pagid Brakes