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2006-2008 (987)

Parts & accessories for the 2006-2008 Cayman model range, part of the 987 generation. Select your model to find parts and accessories specific for your model. Can't find it? Contact us for assistance. Select your model: Cayman (base) Cayman S Classic Radio Coming very soon! Replaces your stock radio with an updated unit from Porsche. Adds all of the latest technology, once installed it looks like it was factory installed. Shop Now Stripes & Decals Adds some flair to your Porsche. See our range of stripes and decals which pay tribute to classic Porsche models. Shop Now Sport Mode Don't miss out on the fun! Press the SPORT button to change vehicle settings to a more aggressive mode. This changes many vehicle settings to give you a more performance oriented drive. If you have an automatic, you will appreciate the new shift patterns! Shop Now Top 987 Accessories