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Purchase Porsche Classic Radio (996/986)
  • Porsche Classic Radio (996/986) SKU: SKUPCCMPLUS

    ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 4.92/5 Stars. (13 Reviews)
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In a whole host of ways, our PCCM Plus combines the analog past with the digital future – and therefore timeless driving pleasure with state-of-the-art technology. Even though you like to travel in classic style, sometimes blissfully unaware of the time, it goes without saying that you want an easy and comfortable journey that avoids any traffic jams. The new Porsche Classic Communication Management will help you achieve this.

With its unique, original Porsche look complete with Porsche lettering, the PCCM blends seamlessly into the vehicle interior. In addition to touchscreen operation via a 7-inch display, modern functions such as Apple CarPlay have now become part of the PCCM. Like its predecessor, the PCCM also features additional on-board navigation. Route guidance is available in 2D, 3D and as a basic arrow view. The associated map material (external SD card) can be ordered separatly at an additional cost.  You can still use Apple CarPlay for navigation, but purchase the additional maps if you want stored maps inside the radio.  User friendly with intuitive operation, control the device via the 7 inch touch-screen high resolution display, as well as via push button and dial controls.  

Well connected & entertained.

  • External media box provides an interface for the use of Apple CarPlay and GOOGLE Android Auto
  • Telephone function, including access to contacts, available via Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay or GOOGLE Android Auto
  • The factory installed sound systems can be integrated.  For technical reason, CD Changer and AudioPilot are not supported.
  • Control music sources and phone conveniently via the touchscreen display, buttons and rotary push button controls
  • Ready for SIRIUS.  Seperate SIRIUS control unit must be purchased from SIRIUS directly.

For North American models only.  Professional installation is recommended.  Fits the following models:

  • Boxster (1997 - 2004) 
  • 911 Carrera / Turbo / GT2 / GT3 (1998 - 2004.5)

Suncoast Notes:

  • Modifications Necessary - If you have the single DIN radio, dash modifications are required to fit this radio.  The radio support bracket must trimmed to allow for the larger radio.  Porsche recommends replacing the entire center console, but we assume most would rather save the money and mofify what's in the car.  For later cars (2002-05), an inner bracket also must be modified to make way for the larger radio.  Any modifications are done at your own risk.
  • AC Relocation - If your AC unit is above the radio, it must be relocated to the lower center console.  This is very simple, you can easily reroute the wiring to the lower console.  The Suncoast kit comes with the necessary trim frame to install the AC unit to the lower console area.  See the main photo for reference.
  • PCM 1.0 Note - For first generation vehicles with PCM 1.0 (Double-DIN Navigation radio with cassette player), additional parts are required for installation.  If your Porsche has PCM 1.0, select the correct option during checkout.  Not sure?  Contact us with your VIN, and have photos of your radio.
  • Pre-Existing Conditions -  If you currently have issues with your factory audio system, get them resolved before you add this radio.  If there is an aftermarket radio in your car, we recommend converting back to your stock radio first to ensure that the factory audio system is fully functional, and make sure your vehicles wiring harness has not been cut or modified.  Any unresolved issues or modifications to the wiring harness could make it difficult, costly, or impossible to install this radio.
  • Maps - Navigation maps are not included, but can be added for an additional cost.  If you plug in your phone to use Apple CarPlay, you can use maps via your phone instead.
  • Installation Notes:
    • Dealer Installation - Dealer installation is highly recommended.  But be aware that most dealers won't want to modify your dash trim to fit the larger radio, they will want to sell you a complete new center console trim as per Porsche's recommendations.  
    • Self Installation - Do so at your own riskThis is a technical installation, not for the average radio installer.  If you have any issues during the installation, Suncoast will not provide technical support.  You will have to contact your local Porsche dealership for any technical support at an additional cost.  Based on our experience these radios don't fail, but missing a step during the installation process can cause loss of sound, reception issues, and other glitches.  We can provide an official installation guide upon request, but you will have to work with a technician or check web forums to diagnose common installation errors.    
    • Installation Guide - See the link below.  Use at your own risk.  This guide highlights some necessary steps which are commonly overlooked.  If you're having an issue during the installation, it's not the radio, you're missing something!
★★★★★ ★★★★★
4.92/5 Stars out of 13 Reviews
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Verified Buyer
Nice upgrade with some bugs to work out
(Vancouver, BC) | December 19th, 2022
This system is a great upgrade to retain the OEM look on the dash. There are some minor software bugs when the head unit communicates to the car's CAN BUS if your car is equipped with MOST. The clock will not synchronize with GPS time. You still have to set it manually through the head unit. Setting it on the dash will not work as it will revert back to the head unit time. The big issue is the static noise when connecting an iPhone and listening at low volume. It is pretty shocking that this interference is present in a car using fiber optic audio. An earlier comment stated that there was an additional bypass available? Would love to hear how this issue can be solved.
Great Upgrade
(Houston, TX) | January 3rd, 2022
Installed the unit myself in my '02 with CDR-220 and Bose System; which is very much plug and play with everything Suncoast provided. As others have mentioned, I highly recommend purchasing the proper brackets so you do not need to cut up original parts. Installation was time consuming but came out great and definitely improves the look of the interior.
Great upgrade, do your research
(Birmingham, AL) | September 9th, 2021
Installed myself in a 2002 base model Carrera. I highly recommend getting the proper brackets so you do not need to cut up original parts. Installation was time consuming but came out great and modernizes the car. Also Porsche should consider lengthening the USB module cord!
Don’t waste your money
(Lehigh Valley, PA) | May 5th, 2021
Purchased from Suncoast and installed myself with Porsche Double Din bracket. Works well until the iPhone is plugged in, when a persistent static is present. Local Porsche dealer tells that Porsche Stuttgart says the unit now requires a additional bypass, which they would happy to install for $450 labor and $45 in parts. They make an error in design and want to charge $509 to correct. What a joke.
Great Unit...but DIY's beware.
(Prescott Valley, AZ) | March 5th, 2021
This unit has a lot of nice functions, but was a bear to install in my 2003 Boxster S with CDR-23 Radio / CD Player and MOST. Thoroughly review the installation manual you can get online before buying this unit. You will need a conversion kit at about $150 - $180. The manual is severely lacking in information, like where to plug in the various plugs from old system to new. The manual said I had to buy an antenna adapter cable ($34), but unit played all local radio stations from old antenna connection just fine without it. The multimedia interface box that goes in new cubby or glovebox has a cable that is about 3" too short and was nearly impossible to find the shortest route to back of radio. Anyway, if you are not really handy and extremely patient, get Porsche dealer or Porsche authorized service to install. It took me about 15 hours to do myself with some help from my wife and son during routing and connection of short cables. Lastly, I am disappointed that the unit does not support latest IPOD Touch thru the USB connection. You have to go thru AUX port and of course can't see song titles, artist or album info on the display! Maybe if we're lucky Porsche will have a software upgrade in future.
Great unit, order the extra retaining brackets, and check forums for install notes!
(San Francisco) | March 3rd, 2021
Great unit, installed myself on my 04 C4S originally equipped with CDR23 and Bose. Installation is pretty straightforward, I wouldn't recommend modifying the retaining brackets from single-DIN setups, just go for the updated parts listed in the install guide so the unit fits flush and securely (instructions found separately, not included.) I have had some issues with sound, it worked a couple times, but currently does not produce audio. I heard from some others that this could be part of the original head unit's 'handshake' with the computer systems, and need to try firing up the systems with the original headunit and then hot-swap it to get consistent audio.
Great upgrade, but as previously mentioned, why no backup camera???
(Illinois) | February 28th, 2021
The function, feel, and performance of the PCCM Plus is excellent. The installation was not straightforward because there are so many different installation requirements depending on the year of your car (i.e. does it have MOST/optical), the type of head unit you originally have, and whether you have a Bose system. There is an installation manual, but it's not very good. You can find it published on NHTSA's website. Fortunately my car was about the easiest possible starting point - a 99 (so no MOST), no Bose system, no CD Changer, just the basic CDR-220 with a four-speaker system. Installation went really well. Modifications of the plastic mounting bracket and the rear metal bracket for a DIN-1 to DIN-2 conversion weren't bad at all (with a Dremel and drill), but it required extra support for the upper part of the side bracket, which I resolved by attaching it to the plastic mounting bracket with a bolt on each side. I didn't want to tape a plastic microphone housing onto the interior of my car, so I removed the external microphone from the supplied housing and installed it into the original factory microphone mount. Also, I hid the media expansion box (USB ports) behind the center console and just ran a USB cable out from under the right side of the center console under the carpet (hint, besides looking better, it makes it far easier to connect the media box cables to the back of the PCCM Plus). If you really want an exposed USB port, I recommend connecting an aftermarket port extender (such as a cigarette lighter replacement) to the media box, then mount the aftermarket port in the dash or other area. A few examples of aftermarket ports are: Option 1: Replace the cigarette lighter with this: Option 2: A universal USB port for surface mounting on the interior (might work well on the batwing at the bottom of the center console): I had an optional Becker aftermarket output (line out) connector for my CDR-220 that I use to provide audio to an under-seat powered subwoofer, and I was really pleased to find out that this simply transferred over to the PCCM Plus (it has all the same connections as the original CDR-220). Just required changing the volume setting in the PCCM Plus from CAN to AMP so that it would send a signal out of that plug. Negatives: As another reviewer said, such a shame that there's no backup camera. We have a cabriolet with somewhat limited rear visibility, so a backup camera would have been a major benefit.
Great upgrade with a big flaw
(WI) | February 21st, 2021
Very commendable for Porsche to provide an upgraded PCCM. However, what a missed opportunity to have a big screen and no backup camera. I know the cars didn't originally have one, but they didn't have CarPlay either! Big missed safety opportunity.
Worth it.
(Conroe, TX) | February 11th, 2021
Love the box it comes in first of all. "Highway to Yell" is great. It looks way better than my old pioneer. Its a genuine Porsche part that will without a doubt make a you a happy customer. Every 996 owner should do this upgrade.
Finally Carplay
(Acworth, GA) | November 5th, 2020
Purchased this PCCM + when it became available in the USA and have been waiting over a month to get it installed. The installation was done by a local car audio installer who previously did work for me on my other Porsches. So they were accustomed to working on the 996. Installation took approximately 3 hours . Most of the labor time was trying to get the volume on the radio to work properly. I was previously running a PCM 1 with NAV on this car. The issue that the installer was experiencing was how loud the sound from various sources got +3 was like being at +30. Ultimately they had to install an inline resistor to take care of speaker loudness. I am now wondering if the individual input volume setting on the headunit's volume setting would have accomplished the same thing. For those getting this installed, you may want to check this option out before spending more money on a PAC Nissan Bose Adaptor. As to the radio itself, navigation of the various sources is straightforward. Calls placed from phone appeared to be working well at both ends. I was able to hear the caller, they as well. Setting up custom equalizer is easy. As to builtin navigation, I opted to not buy the SD card, but will do so as a redundant backup to CarPlay navigation in the event that cellular service is unavailable. Given the limited options for upgrading the PCM 1 system and integrating with vehicle, this is a good option. I will update this review when I have a chance to truly checkout this unit on a road trip.

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