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    ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 4/5 Stars. (4 Reviews)
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IMPORTANT NOTE:  If your car is pre-wired for a dash camera (option QK3 or XWN), we will send the correct version for your car.  Please enter your VIN number so we can verify your options.   If your car is pre-wired, your kit may come with a front AND rear camera (except convertible & targa models).

The Porsche Dashcam is suitable for making videos of driving situations and parking manuvers.  It is operated via a special app in which all settings can be carried out.  Recorded videos are saved on the supplied SD card and continuously overwritten.  If the Dashcam detects a strong vibration or the radar sensor is triggered, the recorded video is stored separately and is not overwritten.  Recordings can be downloaded directly from the SD card or via the app.  

"Drive" Mode:
Recording begins automatically when the engine is started.  If a vibration event occurs, the 10 seconds before the event and the time after the event are stored separately.  The vibration sensor can be disabled for filming on the race track using the "Continuous" setting in the app.

"Park" mode:
During parking manuvers, the Dashcam is in sleep mode but ready for operation.  Recording is triggered by the radar sensor or the vibration sensor.  The duration and scope of sleep mode vary depending on the vehicle model and equipment.

  • Video recording in QHD
  • Audio recording (can be disabled)
  • GPS sensor
  • Radar sensor for recording a video if an object approaches the vehicle (depending on vehicle model and equipment)
  • Vibration sensor (depending on vehicle model)
  • Lens with polarization filter for reducing reflections and improving color and contrast
  • Windscreen bracket for secure mounting
  • Includes camera and mounting and vehicle cable set

Intended for models pre-wired for this option, but can be retrofitted to cars which are not prewired:
  • All Taycan models
  • All Boxster models - 2017-2023
  • All Cayman models - 2017-2023
  • All 911 Carrera models - 2020-2023
  • All Macan models - 2019-2023
  • All Panamera models - 2017-2023
  • All Cayenne models - 2019-2023
Dealer installation and activation is required.  Only compatible with newer phones.

Suncoast Note:  For cars with wireless Apple CarPlay, you lose wireless capability when using the Dash Cam.  You will have to connect your phone via cable while using the Dash Cam.
★★★★★ ★★★★★
4/5 Stars out of 4 Reviews
Pretty terrible in my opinion
| September 9th, 2023
First off, the experience of installing this cam was a nightmare. My 992 GTS was "pre wired" for this camera, but only the front camera would work. My gracious dealer told me they didn't know if they could fix it, and it wouldn't be covered by warranty, and they were not able to tell me how much it might cost. Eventually I fixed it myself by removing the interior trim and power-cycling the rear camera (no idea WHY that worked, just that it did). Now, on to the camera itself. The app is "OK", and does mostly what you need, but the main function of a dash cam is to record video.. this is where it fails dismally. I have the cam set to continuously record. Today I was driving, and a guy in a big truck veered into my lane as we were turning a corner, I zoomed wide to avoid, then cut back in front. He had plenty of room. Looking in the rear mirror, he then flipped me off. So, now I want to see the video, but... not recorded. Only 3 minutes of recording from today, and I was driving for about an hour. It wasn't the most recent 3 minutes either (for those thinking perhaps the memory card was full), just random grabs from the highway. I mean, it has one job. This wasn't a "critical" event, but if it can't be relied on to record, then it doesn't have a purpose. It's going in the trash and I'm just going to have to eat the cost of buying a "real" dashcam and having it installed.
Option Code Correction
(Marietta) | February 12th, 2023
Preparation for Porsche Dashcam (Front/Rear) Option code on Model 992 is 2PF
Verified Buyer
Porsche dashcam experience
(Frisco, TX) | February 8th, 2023
I got this for my Taycan GTS. I explored the popular FitcamX product, but it didn't work when I tried it and decided instead to stick with a fully-supported and warranted solution. My car does not have the prewire option for dashcam, so only the front camera is supported. Apparently the rear camera requires the prewire option. Install ran me just over $1000 with tax at my local Porsche service center. I had them install mine low and centered such that the camera lens is right in front of the plastic mirror trim. I am very happy with this location as it's mostly out of my way. Note that the Porsche install instructions (and the sample photo here on Suncoast) put the camera installed higher and to the left of the mirror assembly. I was very explicit in my instructions to the tech to make sure it didn't end up there. This does require them filing a bit of the plastic trim around the top console so the wire can pass through, which looks great and I'm very happy with. The camera turns on and off with the car and supports monitoring when parked. In parking mode it will save an "event" based on vibration, radar or video analysis. I had to use video analysis as my car unfortunately has the treated glass option and radar cannot pass through. GPS does though, so all the videos are correctly location-stamped. The app is a little clunky but works, you must connect to the dashcam's hotspot to view or download videos, or just remove the SD card. There is an option to attach the camera to the car's hotspot. I've enabled the hotspot to see what it does differently; if it can send me push notifications in this configuration in response to car events I'll be very happy. The video quality is great, the audio quality is serviceable - a bit of clipping capturing loud music in the car but honestly it's fine for what it needs to do. The camera announces mode changes in a female German accent which I appreciate :) All in all I am fully gruntled. With labor it's more expensive than other offerings, but I have the peace of mind that I have a fully supported warranty safe option.
Porsche Dash Cam
(Mandeville, LA) | August 1st, 2022
I bought 2 dash cam's and had them installed on my Macan GTS and Boxster T. I installed the cameras in the upper right corner of the rear view mirror so its out of my sight of vision while driving, but still get a center view from its location. The clarity is extremely clear, easy to upload though your phone's Wi-Fi and Bluetooth must be turned on while you are in airplane mode in order for it to successfully pair and upload to your phone's app. I highly recommend this product!!!

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Porsche Dash Camera
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