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Purchase Porsche Sport Mode Software - 997 & 987
  • Porsche Sport Mode Software - 997 & 987 SKU: 9X7SM

    ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 4.9/5 Stars. (10 Reviews)
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Porsche software kit that adds a new dimension to your Porsche.  By pressing a dash-mounted "SPORT" switch, you can chose between a stock mode and a Sport Mode with improved performance dynamics.   

Benefits of Sport Mode activation:

  • - Sporty tuning of engine Motronic software, PASM, PSM, Tiptronic Transmission (if applicable), all-wheel-drive system (if applicable).
  • - For vehicles with factory Sport Exhaust, the new Sport button would control exhaust settings.
  • - For 2009-2012 (NOT compatible with 2010-12 Turbo models)vehicles with PDK, you get a Sport Plus button with Launch Control and Race Track Shift Strategy (see video). For base model Cayman & Boxster models,                 launch control is not included.
  • - For Turbo models (2006-2009), Overboost is also added for additional acceleration. NOT compatible with 2010-12 Turbo models.
  • Engine: When the Sport button on the center console is selected, the engine management system enhances the engine response. A modified throttle map relates the pedal angle in the footwell to a much wider angle of opening on the throttle valve. Throttle response is significantly more immediate, and, in the higher gears, a hard rev-limiter helps protect the engine under acceleration.

    Suspension & Brakes: Vehicles with the optional Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) also switches to Sport mode for harder damping and more direct steering, and, therefore, better road holding.  For maximum dexterity, PSM can be set to standby while the car is still in Sport mode. For safety, it is set to intervene automatically only when ABS assistance is required on both the front wheels. 

    Transmission: For Tiptronic or PDK transmissions, gearshift points are delayed until the upper rev range. The shift times are shorter, the gear changes sportier. At low rates of deceleration, even with high engine speeds, the system initiates a swifter brake-induced downshift. In manual mode, gear changes are faster and more dynamic. In Sport mode, the trigger threshold for PSM is raised for increased longitudinal and lateral dynamics. Agility is enhanced under braking for corners with PSM, enabling greater handling response under braking and exit acceleration, especially at low speeds.

    Fitment: 2005-2012 Carrera, Cayman, and Boxster models without Sport Chrono or Sport Chrono Plus.  Also for 2006-2009 911 Turbo models without Sport Chrono or Sport Chrono Plus.

    Note:  Professional installation required by an authorized Porsche dealer, estimated installation time is 2-3 hours.  Make sure your VIN number is 100% accurate (if it's wrong, you've wasted your money). This kit is not returnable under any circumstance. Includes software installation guide for the dealer install,  and new dash switch. Please contact us if you have any questions before ordering.  Select your transmission / vehicle type.

    ★★★★★ ★★★★★
    4.9/5 Stars out of 10 Reviews
    Worth every penny
    (S. Fl) | January 27th, 2022
    I was a bit disappointed my 997.2 didn’t have the Sport button until I heard about this upgrade. I am 100% satisfied with this and recommend it to everyone.
    Fun factor
    | October 16th, 2021
    I debated adding this to my base 987.2; with installation, it's over $1,500. After two months, I can say: in heavy traffic, or cruising on the highway, I leave the pdk in standard mode. When there's more shifting to be done in normal driving, Sport is fun. On the track, and on occasion when you want max power on the road, Sport Plus is a blast. Glad I got it.
    What about Manual Trans??
    (Michigan) | August 12th, 2020
    You will notice that almost every review you read about retrofitting this Sport Mode is from owners of the PDK Caymans, well here's one for the MANUAL trans guys. The Sport Mode doesn't do as much for a manual as it does for the PDK, it does make a noticeable difference over stock though. I no longer have to mash the pedal to the floor to get to the high RPM's. Throttle is MUCH more responsive and feathering it can make a big difference in controlling your speed or RPM's. That's obviously not the case with the stock throttle settings or else you wouldn't even be considering this Sport Mode upgrade! It won't make the car faster but it absolutely will make it FEEL faster and pull harder. It totally feels like added low end torque and that is something all Caymans need. Some will say "Oh it's just a high priced sprint booster on a manual trans" BULL PLOP!!! That is absolutely not true. Sport Mode is designed by the same engineers that pull 2.9 second 0-60 times out of flat 6 engines. So yeah, it's definitely not "just a sprint booster." Well worth the price and I would not want to go without Sport Mode on any Porsche.
    997.2 Sport/plus software
    (Omaha) | July 28th, 2020
    Yet another 997.2 Pdk ordered without sportchrono?!? Dont wait... doit now. All the fun without the Wart! Start car... hit sport...turn off pasm...enjoy!
    997.2 Sport and Sport Plus
    (Ohio) | June 18th, 2020
    I just purchased a 997.2 with PDK - no chrono. Read Sharkwerks review of suggested / possible upgrades and this is first on the list. Don't hesitate - I don't know why you would have this option installed - this is what the car is supposed to be coming from the factory. it transforms the PDK, PASM, and throttle and is a no Brainer. I installed the switches, local Porsche dealer did the software upgrade for $176 -1 hr. Next step is the mid pipe upgrade.
    997.2 sport mode
    (Los Angeles) | September 2nd, 2019
    Sport mode brings quicker shifts and a lighter pedal feel to acceleration that satisfies most driving situations in city. Sport mode plus is too rev happy and probably only use is for launch control in which I have not tried yet. Overall - is it worth the $1,195 PDK version cost, I say yes but don't expect the car to be jaw dropping faster or anything, just more lively is the word. I would say it might be faster 0-60 by a couple tenths of a second when using launch control.
    Utterly Transformative!
    (San Francisco) | August 5th, 2017
    Had this upgrade installed on my 2011 base Cayman with PDK (no PASM). Purchased from Suncoast to avoid sales tax and had my local Porsche shop (Rector) do the install ($315). My Cayman now drives like a different car. Sport mode is totally exhilarating - it really ought to come standard with PDK. I rarely use the Sport Plus as I don’t autocross. I can’t think of any better upgrade that you could install for under $1,500. Do yourself a favor and order it now!
    (NY) | September 4th, 2016
    This is the way a 911 was meant to drive. If you have a PDK and are considering this, don't hesitate any longer. Sport mode has made my 997.2 a different car. One caveat: make sure your dealer knows how to find the activation code in PWIS. Whem my (inexperienced) dealer didn't, Suncoast stepped in and told them how to do the install.
    A "best bang for the buck" mod.
    (New York) | March 10th, 2016
    I have had this product in my 2.9 Cayman and now in my 3.4 Cayman S (both 987.2). Both vehicles have 6 speed manuals and neither one has PASM or sport exhaust. In the 2.9 it made the vehicle a much better daily driver. The throttle response is more aggressive and the car allows you to explore its abilities to a greater extent. I believe Porsche also gives you a couple hundred more rpm's to play with, albeit with a more aggressive limiter. In the 3.4, I honestly use it with less frequency as the additional torque found in the CS makes it less necessary during daily driving. That being said, when I go out with my Cars & Coffee buddies, it is nice to know that with a push of a button I can keep up with much more powerful vehicles on backroads. Now, I am not saying it adds any additional power, but it does alter the way that power is delivered resulting in the car doing more with less.
    Wow, nice upgrade!
    (Oceanside OR) | March 10th, 2016
    My exspectations were low because my Cayman S has a manual transmission and no PASM but the Sport Mode adds another level of aggresion to the throttle response and seems to hold the revs while shifting. Sport Mode provides a lot of fun at the push of a button and is a good value, it doesn't get any better then that!

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    Porsche Sport Mode Software - 997 & 987
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