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Purchase Porsche Classic Radio (Classic 1965-98)
  • Porsche Classic Radio (Classic 1965-98) SKU: SKUCLASSIC

    ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 4.56/5 Stars. (9 Reviews)
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In a whole host of ways, our PCCM combines the analog past with the digital future – and therefore timeless driving pleasure with state-of-the-art technology. Even though you like to travel in classic style, sometimes blissfully unaware of the time, it goes without saying that you want an easy and comfortable journey that avoids any traffic jams. The new Porsche Classic Communication Management will help you achieve this.

With its unique, original Porsche look complete with Porsche lettering, the PCCM blends seamlessly into the vehicle interior. In addition to touchscreen operation via a 3.5-inch display, modern functions such as Apple CarPlay have now become part of the PCCM. Like its predecessor, the PCCM also features additional on-board navigation and can receive SiriusXM® satellite radio (see note below). Route guidance is available in 2D, 3D and as a basic arrow view. The associated map material (external SD card) can be ordered separatly at an additional cost.  You can still use Apple CarPlay for navigation, but purchase the additional maps if you want stored maps inside the radio.  This unit is compatible with Sirius/XM, but requires an additional Sirius/XM tuner and antenna kit to be purchased separately by any third party supplier.

Media can be played back via SD card, USB, AUX and Bluetooth®. In addition to the features already mentioned, Apple CarPlay can also be used for media playback, navigation and telephone calls.

Features include:

  • Design tailored to the interior of classic Porsche vehicles
  • Fits perfectly into the dashboard
  • Apple CarPlay
  • Operation via touchscreen, knobs and buttons
  • Optimized high-resolution 3.5-inch display
  • Choose from two knob designs for vintage cars or recent classics
  • Latest navigation technology (map data not included)
  • Route guidance in 2D, 3D and as a basic arrow display
  • Interface for Phone, USB and AUX
  • Telephone function including transfer of the phonebook via Bluetooth (max. four phones, each with 1,250 contacts)
  • Output 4 x 45 watts
  • Integration of factory-fitted sound systems (except CD changer)
  • External music sources and phonebook can be controlled from the display
  • Internal and external microphone

  • For North American models only. Fits the following models:

  • 911 (1965–1998)
  • 914 (1969–1976)
  • 924 (1976–1988)
  • 928 (1977–1995)
  • 944 (1982–1991)
  • 968 (1992–1995)
  • 959 (1987–1988)
  • Not compatible with 356 or 996 models. Professional installation recommended.  Navigation maps are not included, but are available at an additional price.

    NOTE: If your radio has a factory installed amplifier (option 494 or similar), you will need an adapter listed below.

    Suncoast Note:  Many DIY'ers and professional installers stumble with this installation.  It is complicated and might take a few tries to get it right.  If you get stuck during the installation, check web forums for tips, or consult your local Porsche service center to diagnose any installation issues.

    • Having Installation Issues?  DO NOT CALL US!  Contact your local Porsche dealer to have this radio installed properly.  There are many facets to this installation.  If there are ANY hurdles, your Porsche dealer MUST contact Porsche's technical support line to solve any glitches, make modifications, or update software/firmware.  We can NOT assist you with this remotely, and we can assure you that the radio is not defective.  Porsche's technical support line is experienced with all of the common pitfalls and tricks of this installation.  

    ★★★★★ ★★★★★
    4.56/5 Stars out of 9 Reviews
    Verified Buyer
    It is okay
    (Pennsylvania, USA) | October 21st, 2023
    Purchased 10/2023 for my 1995 C4 with factory CR-1, CD changer (CDC-2) with the Hi-Fi sound option. The installation was easy, although I needed to purchase an adaptor due to my Hi-Fi sound system (not Nokia, but also not the Blaupunkt 494 connection). I found the adaptor online at discount car stereo (part# ARH-CR1A, this is for Porsche CR-1 and Alpine 7807). This adaptor allowed me to retain the factory amplifier, and no rewiring of the speakers. You are unable to continue to use the CD-Chager with the PCCM, but I added the SiriusXM SXV300 (this adaptor was included in purchase of PCCM). Other then the purchase of the adaptor needed and the addition of the SiriusXM it was plug and play (easy install). My 3 star rating is due to the fact that the volume on Carplay feature remains about 2/3rd the volume output, there is no adjustment to increase volume of the Carplay feature. Overall, I will reinstall my CR-1 once it is returned from the repair shop, I will go back to CD's (lol) at least I have the ability to crank up the volume of "my" tunes on my long drives with the sunroof open. Note: the PCCM radio and XM volume is the same as the standard factory radio, and is acceptable.
    Verified Buyer
    Small Package Packed with Capability
    (Enterprise, AL) | October 7th, 2023
    Just had the new PCCM Single-DIN installed in my 1988 911 3.2 Cab in September 2023. (Not the original PCRN w/out Apple Car Play that came out several years ago, but the new PCCM single DIN with Apple Car Play that came out last year). The mechanic that installed the system charged 3.5 hours of labor. It has traditional wire inputs for the speaker system and doesn't support RCA jacks. It does not have a separate output for a sub-woofer so you combine the rear speaker connections with the sub-woofer connections as my subwoofer manual directed and it works very well. I bought three of these wire to RCA jack converters and it worked perfectly. Here is the link: ( The mechanic noted that the kit included all the hardware necessary for an easy install and said the components, wiring, and connectors were high quality and nicely packaged. I had the GPS antenna placed on the center of the dash just behind the defrost vent slots. From my previous radio, I had the Sirius/XM antenna placed on the A-pillar on top of the outside of the car and left it there. The Sirius/XM converter must be purchased separately. It is a small device for about $75. (SVX-300) The accessory box has two USB-A slots and a 3.5mm jack. One is labeled phone, and this is what you must use for Apple Car Play. It charges your phone. There is no wireless Car Play built in. The other USB slot didn't charge my phone or show that it was charging. It is meant for a USB music stick. This is convenient for a passenger or for you to load a stick with music. I mounted the accessory box to the left side of the center console. It is high enough so that it doesn’t interfere with my right leg. I used a 6” USB-A to lightning connector for my phone which rests in the slot below the door lock switch. I mounted the microphone on the steering column, and it works very well. No issues with people I am speaking with hearing me. You can bypass the external microphone and go with the built-in microphone on the radio face. I have not tried that. When you turn the car on and off, the radio turns on and off automatically. The opening screen displays the Porsche crest and is then followed by a warning screen typical of navigation systems that insist on telling you not to drive off a cliff even if the GPS says there is a road there. You can set the radio to bypass the start-up screen for several selectable intervals up to 30 minutes. This way, if you are running errands or making several stops, each time you get back into the car, it displays the operating screen immediately and skips the intro. The display is bright and colorful, and I haven’t had any issues reading the screen. I’m sure there are some sun angles that make it more difficult, but that is true with every radio I have ever used. You have three color choices (white, amber, or green) for the radio/button backlighting. It has a light sensor, so it automatically dims at night. I purchased the map data card so I have both on-board maps and Apple Car Play for navigation. My go-to app is Waze. I live in an area that has spotty cell coverage, so I purchased the additional on-board navigation for only $119 as it made sense for me. I have been in too many places where there is limited or no cell signal and having on-board navigation has helped. The map data card that came with my card was dated early Feb 2021. I expect there to be periodic updates available. The screen is small but usable. Not worth complaining about the screen size since it's a known before purchasing it. The touchscreen is responsive. It might be nice to have a small touchscreen compatible pencil or stick to type in information, so your finger doesn’t click the wrong letter or number during data entry. The tuner has a lot of capability. The satellite radio and FM/AM tuners work well, and the radio is LOUD. The volume scale is 0-30. 8 is very loud. You can go into the SOUND menu and reduce each input's volume independently. I reduced them several notches and now a normal volume is around 12 and loud is 15 with lots of room to go. I have a classic 80s amplifier still connected as well as a subwoofer and the sound is great. Car Play interface works normally. Screen area is used more effectively by Car Play than it is by the on-board map navigation function. To mitigate the small screen size, I have the turn-by-turn enabled so I don't have to look at the screen as often as I normally would when I am running it off my phone with a larger screen. There is a dedicated button on the front of the radio (HOME) that when pushed and held activates Siri voice commands. The on-board navigation is excellent, but small. Entering destinations is a bit awkward due to small screen size, so it's something you need to do before moving. I took about 30 minutes in the driveway to enter in all my favorite destinations as favorites. Once you do that, it is quite easy to pick a destination by touching the “Star” symbol and then using the knobs to scroll through. Your favorites. It always displays “Home” and “Work” as the top two favorites. Once you pick your destination it provides you with on-screen options to avoid things like highways, car ferries, toll roads, etc. or just push “Select as Destination" highlighted at the bottom of the screen. If you do nothing for several seconds, it will automatically start navigating. It shows traffic options and you can set the navigator to choose a different route if it saves you a user selectable amount of time. For instance, if a 5-minute difference is negligible, you can set it to stay on the original route. You can set the navigation to automatically change routes based on traffic or ask you for permission. It has endless options to tailor the navigation function and display so if you are tech-savvy, you will like this almost endless capability. The radio face has an included 16 GB removable micro-SD card (adapter for your computer also included) on the left side for you to load music as well as a source. The navigation data is on an SD card on the right side of the radio face. The radio can also play music via Bluetooth if you don't have your phone plugged into the Phone USB port. The adapter cable between the radio and your personally procured Sirius XM de-scrambler is included. I didn't think it was included based on the Suncoast website, but it was. They accepted the return without a question. It takes a while for the individual Sirius XM icons for each station to download and display. You can store 20 presets. Unlike the PCCM Plus double DIN radios, there are not a forward track/station hard buttons on the radio front. They should have put this into the design. However, the touch screen works fine to select different preset stations and music tracks, just could be cleaner with hard buttons. My only real complaint is the lack of voice control for the on-board navigation. If you will be a strictly Car Play or Android Auto person, it’s not an issue as you just press and hold the HOME button. However, the difficulty of entering on-board navigation destination information on the go makes the lack of voice entry a bit puzzling. Realizing that most people will probably just use their cell phone apps, it’s probably not a big deal for most. The documentation is excellent. There is a detailed installation manual and a Quick Start guide. Next is a very detailed Operation Manual covering all aspects and then two separate manuals diving into much greater detail on satellite radio operations and on-board navigation operation. So far, I am quite happy with the radio. The sound is excellent, it has very good capability, and, of course, it looks absolutely stock. Yes, the screen is small, and it is expensive. If that isn't an issue, you will probably not be annoyed by those downsides.
    Good but already dated
    (Charlotte NC) | June 16th, 2021
    I bought this mid 2021. The maps are two years old. The screen is LCD which in the default location on a 911 is prone to washing out in sunlight. They should have gone with an OLED. Microphones are mediocre, almost intelligible when leaving a test message on voicemail. Cable routing on a 993 is difficult for a gps antenna and mic: panel gaps are nearly nonexistent. SD card gets mixed up if an apple device has written to it: many duplicate files that normally are hidden. Audio is good and quite loud. Interface is clean and effective unlike many aftermarket radios. Car play is a bit of a novelty act as the display on most phones is bigger, higher resolution, and larger icons. Overall it’s a decent head unit but you’re definitely paying a premium, not only in price.
    Should baought the Blaupunkt
    (Mid-Michigan) | March 24th, 2021
    I had two options, this or a nice Blaupunkt; either look great in my classic air-cooled. The system has been installed by a 40 year experienced technician that certainly has necessary talent to install/operate a friggin radio, yet the system is stuck in a you can't program now, you are moving mode and two hours of attempting to dislodge it from the mode have not helped. Suncoast response is to take it to a dealer. Look, if you are using a non-dealer installer, buy theBlaupunkt, you will be able to purchase from a retailer that understands where the world of on-line sales related customer service is at these days.
    So good, I bought 2
    (Los Angeles) | December 18th, 2016
    I installed this in our 1973 911 E. One word....FANTASTIC! The Bluetooth is great. The phone microphone works really well, music now streams, and you don't give up Porsche authenticity and classic looks for modern features. The only issue would be the navigation screen. With smartphones so great with navigation apps, don't buy the radio for that feature. I liked the radio so much I bought a second one for our 1989 cabriolet.
    Classic radio
    (Arkansas) | September 4th, 2016
    Best classic option available, great upgrade and remains factory
    Porsche Classic Radio/Nav
    (SC South Carolin) | July 14th, 2016
    Only had it in for a week, very nice. Still learning about all the functions.
    Porsche Classic Radio Purchase
    (Richmond, VA) | May 26th, 2016
    Thanks for the great price on the Porsche Classic Radio. Ordered through your website which was easy to use.
    Self Install (993).... Great Product
    (Illinois) | May 7th, 2016
    Install in a 993TT, with 494 Sound package. Did not need the Amplifier Adapter - Nokia (M494), but The original radio had been changed to a TrafficPro, and I had modified the wiring harness per Traffic Pro install (Becker). The SiriusXM (bought at Best buy) and Nav antenna go UNDER the read trim, four screw to removes, run behind passenger side trim, under the door sill and up and over the glove box.. Mic is mounted on top of steering column. NOTES: if you have a smart phone with (unlimited data) you can use BT to stream internet SiruisXM and the Nav, thus No need for antennae, and there is a mic on the front of the radio so could skip the separate mic install. Small map is readable, bigger than your phone. Touch screen works well. NO voice control. NO HD radio. Excellent Product, Yes, high cost, BUT the "Designed specially for you" always is..

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    Porsche Classic Radio (Classic 1965-98)
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