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Hands down, our most popular accessory for a Porsche. Even if you don't "care" about upgrading or personalizing your car, this upgrade is worth considering. Orange doesn't match, it's completely out of place. You have such a nice car, don't burden it with orange. You can easily convert to the European clear versions for a cleaner look.

Ric's public service announcement: Aside from being hard on the eyes, the orange side marker also indicates that you're new to the Porsche world. When most Porsche enthusiasts buy a car, they grab a crest key ring and clear side markers, and then take delivery of the car. Some dealers even include the side markers, most people expect it with the purchase of a new car. You can buy from us, you can buy elsewhere.....but please consider these. With the exception of first generation Cayenne models, installation for these lights is very simple. If you're not comfortable installing these, your local dealer can do it in about 5 minutes.

For Panamera and newer Cayenne models, side markers are not available. We offer Lamin-X tinted films as an alternative.

Side markers are available for the following models: