Timeless Machine Chronograph, Limited Edition

    Timeless Machine Chronograph, Limited Edition

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    Timeless Machine Chronograph Watch, Limited Edition (911 pieces)

    The long flat front cover. The steeply inclined windscreen and the gently sloping roofline to the rear. The distinctive Porsche 911 silhouette reveals the sports car icon, even when it is completely stationary. The eighth generation of the Porsche 911 is taking another major step in evolutionary development. Stayed close to himself, retained his character but never stood still. With its unique combination of continuity and progress, the Porsche 911 has become the dynamic timeless benchmark in a rapidly changing world. The "TIMELESS MACHINE". 

    As a tribute to the newest generation of the sports car icon, so closely intertwined with its history, Porsche Design has released an exclusive watch. Of course limited to 911 pieces.

    The 911 Chronograph TIMELESS MACHINE Limited Edition.

    Diameter: 42 mm. Height: 14.90 mm.  Housing: Titanium. Sapphire glass. Watch strap: 100% leather. Titanium clasp.  In black.


    Special order with limited availability.  Contact us for availability.

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