Classic Wheel Cleaner

    Classic Wheel Cleaner

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    The rims of your Porsche are tough. They defy heat and cold, transmit forces and must also withstand chemical stress like stubborn dirt and brake dust. Especially because of these reasons, regular and gentle cleaning with the right equipment considerably helps preserve the value of the rims. Porsche wheel cleaner with the 3-piece brush set is an effective tool with optimal handling.

    Until now, stubborn dirt could be removed only with acidic cleaning agents. But it is just these agents that react not only with brake dust but also with all other materials. Because of the health and material hazard (material on brake discs and hoses, wheel nuts, paint and the like is affected), acidic wheel cleaner cannot be used carelessly here. Porsche wheel cleaner is absolutely free from acid and contains very special raw materials that are perfectly adapted for brake abrasion. It removes persistent brake abrasion especially effectively and spares all materials at the same time.

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