Diesel Exhaust Fluid AdBlue

    Diesel Exhaust Fluid AdBlue

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    AdBlue Reducing Agent - The ammonia required to reduce the nitrogen oxides is used in it's pure form, but in the form of urea solution. In it's pure form, ammonia acts to irritate the skin and mucous membrandes, and additionally has a penetrating odor. AdBlue is used as the reducing agent for the SCR system. AdBlue is a very pure, transperent 32.5% solution of urea in water. It is manufactured synthetically.

    In order to fill the reducing agent tank, the refill bottle must be screwed onto the tank filler neck by hand. Pressing the bottle releases an opening in the adapter fitting, and the AdBlue is able to flow into the tank. During the filling process, the gases from the tank are trapped by the refill bottle and therefore do not enter the atmosphere.

  • A Must-Have Item! The car won't run without it! Keep a spare!
  • Removes Nitrogen Oxide from Exhaust.
  • 1/2 Gallon Size (1.89 liter).
  • For a total fill, some cars require 2.5 gallons. Order as needed. Professional installation and handling is recommended, but not required. Use as directed.
  • UPS Ground Shipping Only, Continental US Ground Shipping only.
  • NOTE: Photo is for illustrative purposes. Filling spot varies by model.  Ground shipping only, Continental USA only.

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