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Purchase Porsche AGM 80 Ah Battery
  • Porsche AGM 80 Ah Battery SKU: AGMBATTERY

    ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 5.00/5 Stars. (3 Reviews)
  • $355.00


Genuine Porsche Dry Mat Battery

Original Porsche battery. Not the traditional liquid acid filled battery, this is the newer design with liquid mat technology. This is standard equipment for newer models, but a direct replacement for older models. Comes ready to install, and is typically fully charged.

This can be used for most Boxster, Cayman, and most 1998 or newer 911 Carrera models. If your car has a different amp hour, contact us with your VIN number for further assistance.


  • 80 Ah - Approx: 12.00 (L) x 6.75 (W) x 7.5 (H) inches

Please check and confirm fitment before ordering, as this battery is abolutely non-returnable under any circumstance.  

Shipping Note: UPS Ground shipping only, only for the continental USA only. Requires HAZMAT shipping, shipping prices are higher.

Battery Warranty Coverage

Porsche Cars N.A. will replace, using a replacement battery distributed by Porsche Cars N.A., any battery that is defective in material or workmanship, under normal use for the duration of 2 years/unlimited mileage from the sale date on the receipt. The cost of the replacement battery will be borne by Porsche Cars N.A., but the labor charges will be the customer’s responsibility. Porsche Cars N.A. will supply all batteries supplied under this warranty and all batteries replaced become the property of Porsche Cars N.A.

Coverage Exclusions

  • Normal deterioration of the battery.
  • Batteries installed in a car with an odometer that has been altered so that the actual mileage cannot be determined.
  • Improper repairs causing damage to the vehicle, its engine or parts.
  • Abuse, accident, acts of God or the events beyond the control of Porsche Cars N.A./Porsche Cars Canada, Ltd.
  • Battery discharge or damage due to V-belt, alternator, voltage regulator, starter and/or electrical system malfunction, current draw due to non-factory installed equipment, and lack of use or prolonged storage.
  • Drives of less than 5 minutes are not sufficient to charge the battery. Trips of 15 minutes or more are required for normal battery charging to occur.
  • The customer should use the Porsche Battery Charge-O-Matic battery maintainer when the following conditions apply:
  1. Vehicle is not driven for several days or longer
  2. Vehicle is not driven more than 15 mi./24km per day
  3. Vehicle is not driven more than 6000 mi. /9600km per rolling 12 months

A sulfated battery is not a defect in material and workmanship and thus not covered under warranty.Sulfation accounts for 85% of the lead-acid battery failures in vehicles that are not driven frequently or only for very short distances.

Warranty Service

The purchaser must return the defective battery,and the car in which it is installed, to an authorized Porsche automobile dealer during normal service hours. It cannot be returned to as it is a Hazmat item and cannot be shipped by the consumer back to SuncoastParts. The customer must provide a receipt that shows proof of purchase for the battery, as well as the installation date and the mileage at the time of installation. If the car is not drivable because of a defect in the workmanship or materials covered by this warranty, the customer should call the nearest authorized Porsche automobile dealer for assistance

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★★★★★ ★★★★★
5.00/5 Stars out of 3 Reviews
Porsche AGM Battery for 2007 997.1 GT3
(CA) | June 22nd, 2016
I already had the original GT3 (Moll 80-Ah, #BATTERY542) battery replaced twice. Not too bad for 9 years. That being said, Moll is a very high maintenance battery. During these 9 years, it's always being hooked up to a Porsche battery maintainer (PBM #95504490054) and I had to check the acid fluid level on a regular basis. It's time to replace the battery again and I got tired with the maintenance so I wanted an AGM. I have checked other brands such as Odyssey, Bosch, Exide and more. Only Banner & Exide offer 80-Ah as required by GT3s. Since SunCoast offers Banner 80-Ah at a great price, I went with this Porsche OEM. SunCoast shipped it fast and well packaged in a box. Installation's a simple DIY and took only 10 min. Like others mentioned, the 'venting hole' was on the other side or on the negative side and the venting tube was too short to reach it. Since AGM batteries are sealed and no venting's required, I did not hook up the venting tube and so far no problem at all. I still hook it up to PBM nightly with no charging or compatibility issues. A fully charged battery is always a happy battery. I highly recommend getting both the Banner VRLA & a PBM from SunCoast as this combo will last this battery for long time.
Porsche AGM Battery for 2003 996 Targa
(Washington, DC) | June 7th, 2016
My last battery was not Porsche original equipment due to the circumstances under which the prior battery failed, and developed a bad cell after a year and a half. I think that it is worth the extra money for the sturdier construction and dry mat technology of the AGM, not to mention the depth of endurance and strong hot start performance. If you have a front strut brace (mine was a Schnell), you will have to remove it to get the AGM seated properly. Also, my battery vent hose is on the positive side of the battery, and the AGM came with a small white plug for the vent hose opening on the positive terminal, so I needed to remove the plug and transfer it to the negative side. Not a big deal, but the plug is almost flush with the battery case and not very large, so you need to take a little care in removal.
It's a battery.
(Michigan) | May 22nd, 2016
Product worked as described with one exception. On a 2008 987.1 Boxster the Battery vent hose will not reach the vent port. It is on the exact opposite side compared to the stock non-AGM battery. Every battery has of course two ports, but on the AGM Battery it is sealed on the (+) side and open on the (-) side. -- The battery still needs to be vented, regardless of it being AGM or not. Also this AGM battery is a bit heavier than stock. I measured the old battery at 41.6 lbs, the new AGM battery at 51.5 lbs., same 70Ah.

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Porsche AGM 80 Ah Battery
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