4-Star Wheel Cleaner Gel

    4-Star Wheel Cleaner Gel

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    4 Star's Goal: To formulate a wheel cleaner gel that is safe for all wheels, clings to the wheel and cuts through greasy road film and tough brake dust with mild agitation while being enjoyable to use.

    Four Star Ultimate Wheel Cleaner Gel is a blend of unique, new and ultra safe foaming European surfactants made available to the United States for exclusive use in Four Star Ultimate Wheel Cleaner Gel. That's right, this ingredient is a Four Star exclusive!

    This hard to get blend of surfactants has been used for the past few years in European cleaning products because of their ability to clean and create suds while being safe for the wheel surface, safe for the user and safe for the environment. Four Star Ultimate Wheel Cleaner Gel does not contain any harmful acids at all. Four Star Ultimate Wheel Cleaner Gel's surfactant technology makes it the ideal wheel cleaner to use on chrome, polished aluminum, coated aluminum and clearcoated alloy wheels.

    Directions: Make sure that your wheels are cool and out of direct sunlight before using. Spray Four Star Ultimate Wheel Cleaner Gel onto your wheel and agitate with a soft sponge or a high quality brush like the OXO Ergonomic Wheel Brush. The more that you agitate, the more the foaming surfactants will activate and lift brake dust and cut through stubborn road films. Clean one wheel at a time and rinse each wheel thoroughly with water.

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