Magnetic Drain Plug

    Magnetic Drain Plug

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    Billet Aluminum Hard-Anodized Magnetic Drain Plug

    LN Engineering's billet aluminum hard-anodized magnetic drain plug is CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and has a large 3/8" rare-earth magnet to reduce iron (Fe) levels in oil, which is a primary source for wear in your engine, with up to 14 lbs. of pull!

    If you've ever changed your oil yourself, you've probably encountered a stripped drain plug or had to fight with getting one out. What makes this drain plug different from the rest is its hard anodized surface is designed to last for many repeated installations, unlike the original drain plug's hex which is easily stripped and almost needs to be replaced after every use. Drain plug uses M18x1.5mm thread pitch and replaces Porsche part no 900 219 009 30. main reason to use a magnetic drain plug, especially in the M96 and M97 engine, is because of the potential for IMS (intermediate shaft) failures or other engine problems that could be identified by wear particles collected by the magnet.

    Comes with one magnetic drain plug and one factory drain plug washer.

    Fits the following models:
    - Boxster Models 1997-2012
    - Cayman Models 2006-2012
    - Cayenne S or Cayenne Turbo Models 2003-2006
    - Carrera, Carrera 4, Carrera S, & Carrera 4S models 1999-2012

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